Sunday, 23 March 2014

Random thoughts -- babycentric

Before all this, I just could not get why all parents are so babycentric. I really hoped I would never become like that myself. Why talk about them all the time?  I mean lets face it other people's children are just not that interesting. My biggest fear whilst pregnant was not to turn into one of those people myself. Boring and baby obsesed.

Four months down the line, I find myself so consumed with my baby. Almost all other interests are non-existent. Love spending time in my bubble.  Domestic bliss!  I enjoy hanging out with other mums so I can indulge in talking about the boy. At least that way I am able to stop myself boring normal people without babies. I am actually very strict, I never say nice things about the boy, infront of normal people, in case they think I've also turned into one of those boring smug parents.  But reality is different, I think my boy is AMAZING.  The most beautiful, the most clever, the most rewarding bundle of joy... Puke!

I'm typing this whilst I'm breastfeeding wondering what has happened to me and why. Hormones?  Natures way of protecting the species?  Or just an indulgence, as this is the first time I am not working and have time to myself after donkeys years.  My way of saying thank you to the boy for the time off?

Well, I might make him a little thank you present.

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