Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dear diary..

Never saw myself as the motherly type. Children were not my thing. Made for bigger things in life.  Too interesting to conform with natures expectations.

And then I found myself with child...  Maternity leave seems a bit like a gap year travelling to find myself.  This whole New World has openned up in front of me.  A parallel universe I didn't know existed.  All these mums and baby related proffessionals smiling to one another, being supportive.  This is a world where everyone is so supportive and friendly to one another.  I live in London, this is not normal...

This is a journey I was not expecting, I am now four months in and I think it is best to take some notes.  For me to remember, but also to pass on some wisdom if I can.  This is not a blog about babies I hope, although I will be noting things I found useful along the way.  These are my notes of things that are tickling my fancy in my new found world.

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