Saturday, 3 January 2015

Life on the other side

Happy New Year!
Haven't managed write any notes since going back to work..  I just logged in and found this draft dated 28/9/14:
So almost a month on and boy ticket and I are surviving.
In some ways it is nice as I make sure I leave work on time and I try to spend quality time with ticket instead of lazing around with him.
I definitely miss my days as a full time mum.
Definitely true.  Four months on and I still miss those days on maternity leave.  Ticket is becoming more and more fun and I only get to spend two hours a day with him..  It is ridiculous how much I enjoy hanging out with him, despite him being a big pain in the back side at times.. I can't even explain why.  
So to make things harder on Monday I am starting a new job, that involves commuting, important meetins and the lot. Let's see how that goes.  I will try to keep up my note taking, although I feel that my focus might change slightly towards my makes.  I think yet another mum yupping on her little angel might be grinding after a while..
I have decided to join a CAL (Crochet Along) to try and maintain the domestic bliss in my home... I will try to keep you posted..

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