Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Oh hello again

Haven't been on for a while. So much has gone one, that I really don't want to get into right now, but I wanted to get the ball rolling again so here I am..Ticket has grown so much since last post.
To the uninitiated he is just another baby who doesn't do that much still, it is not like he is walking or talking yet.  I, however, know everything there is to know about him and I can reassure you that is not the case.  He's now rolling all over the place, using this as means to get from A to B. This is a great pain as he can't be left unattended even for a second.  We have started eating solids (that is foods other than milk), and he is so proud (so is mummy of course). Now he has opinions on what he wants to do, and finds ways to communicate that to us. He has also moved to his own room, which felt to me like he went off to university and was almost tearful about it..
What I have also realised is that I am so his favourite person in the world.  That is such a big responsibility, especially since he also finds me the funniest person in the world,  I now must live up to these expectations...

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